My Tally Ho: Unleash Your Dog's Racing Potential

My Tally Ho is the go-to app for tracking your dog's achievements in Fast CAT competitions, offering an easy-to-use platform for monitoring speeds, times, and points. Designed by an expert in both Fast CAT and applied mathematics, it enables dog owners to celebrate their pet's progress and racing milestones with just a few clicks on iOS or Android.

We Are “My Tally Ho”

Dogs have always been man’s best friend. They bring an abundance of companionship, laughter, and joy into our lives. In return, owners look for ways to enrich their dogs’ lives by seeking activities that appeal to their natural inclination and unbounded instinct to hunt and run freely. While watching them run, have you ever wondered how fast your dog is or how it ranks with other dogs in that breed? Fast CAT® which stands for Coursing Ability Test, is an American Kennel Club (AKC) race of a 100-yard timed sprint. Dogs run one at a time, chasing a lure. Their time and speed are recorded and ranked. Any purebred or mixed breed can participate in this sport. Today, there is a platform that allows Fast CAT participants to track time/speed and points earned in this popular growing sport. Introducing the MY TALLY HO app!

Innovative record-keeping mobile application

According to the AKC, Fast CAT is a relatively new sport, but its popularity has spread like wildfire. MY TALLY HO is an innovative record-keeping app for the many FAST CAT members throughout the country. MY TALLY HO will keep a concise record of your dog’s progress as you participate in these exciting trials. MY TALLY HO records the date and calculates your dog’s performance data such as speed and total runs completed.

Calculate your dog's metrics easily.

Points are also recorded for earning titles. The app is incredibly user-friendly. Simply create a profile with your dog’s name, date of birth, breed, sex and height. The app will generate a profile incorporating the required handicap according to your dog’s height. MY TALLY HO also provides a note section to record your observations on your dog’s performances.

Enhance your bond with your dog!

MY TALLY HO is the creation of fellow dog mom and retired Navy Lieutenant, Adeana Steinlauf. She states, “As an active Fast CAT participant and dog lover, I wanted to keep track of my dog’s performance and progress while helping other participants do the same. MY TALLY HO is the easiest way to do so while making it a lot of fun.” Download MY TALLY HO on IOS or Android today and continue to enhance the special bond with your Fast CAT performance dog.

App Features

  • Performance Tracking:

    The app records each dog's performance in Fast CAT events, including speed, time, and the total number of runs. This feature allows dog owners to monitor improvements or changes in their dog’s physical abilities over time, giving a clear picture of the dog's athletic progress.

  • Points System:

    MY TALLY HO tracks and updates points earned by your dog(s) during their runs, which are crucial for earning titles in the Fast CAT® trials. Using the dog's profile information, the app accounts for the different handicaps outlined in the AKC Fast CAT® regulations when calculating your dog's points.

  • Customized Dog Profiles:

    Users can create detailed profiles for their dogs, including essential information like name, date of birth, breed, sex, and height. The app automatically generates a profile that incorporates any required handicap based on the dog's height, which is vital for accurate record keeping for each run.

  • Note-Taking Functionality:

    The app includes a section where owners can jot down observations and notes about each performance. This personal log helps in recording anything notable during the events, such as the dog's behavior, weather conditions, or any other factors that could influence performance. This can be invaluable for preparing for future events and understanding factors that impact their dog’s performance.



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You can download this app via Apple’s App Store for your iOS device and Google Play Store for your Android device. Simply click on the links at the top or bottom of the page to download.

My Tally Ho follows the calculations outlined in the Coursing Ability Test (CAT) and Fast CAT® Regulations published by the AKC.  For speed: 204.545 divided by the dog’s time, the result of which is rounded to the nearest hundredth1. For points, the speed of the dog is multiplied by a handicap according to the dog’s height2.
According to the AKC regulations, “The time to complete the 100-yard dash is recorded to the nearest 1/100th of a second.”3  We’d suggest rounding your dog’s run time to the nearest hundredth and recording that time in My Tally Ho.

Rounding error can occur, but if the difference is significant we’d recommend double checking your dog’s recorded runs in My Tally Ho with the times listed on your qualifying ribbon to ensure everything was entered correctly.  If the difference is still significant, we recommend reaching out to the AKC – mistakes are rare, but they can happen. 

Information and resources about Fast CAT can be found on the AKC website: Visit Website

From the run data you enter in your dog’s profile, My Tally Ho calculates how many points your dog earns, on average, per run as well as how many points away your dog is from earning their next badge.  Using this data, My Tally Ho calculates approximately how many runs it will take for your dog to earn their next badge.

Yes, your profile and your dogs’ information are still saved – they just won’t be accessible during the time you’re not subscribed.

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